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Salad Stupendo Big Mumma Planter

Salad Stupendo Big Mumma Planter

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Containing Garlic Chives, Apple Mint and Celery Leaf

Allium tuberosum, Mentha suaveolens & Apium graveolens

The perfect planter for all your salad needs. Chop the garlic chives fresh into dishes, it even has lovely edible flowers which are on the way. The celery leaf tastes like a mix between parsley and celery, it will add a wonderful earthy flavour to your cooking. Gorgeously fluffy apple mint provides chunky leaves great in cooking, tea or cocktails. 

Keep your pot in a partially sunny spot, don’t let the soil dry out completely but be sure to avoid a boggy soil situation. Watering around once a week will be grand. 

Three herb plants in a 23cm Italian terracotta pot. Planted in a peat-reduced compost mix with added perlite for extra drainage.