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Pink Flowering Rosemary

Pink Flowering Rosemary

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Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Majorca Pink’

Use the deliciously scented leaves to flavour lamb and pork, infuse in vinegar or oil. Rosemary has many beauty benefits with astringent, purifying and anti-ageing properties. A simple home treatment is to steam and rejuvenate your face with a couple of sprigs of rosemary in boiling water. The next morning use the cooled concoction as a re-balancing scalp rinse after shampooing. It's also great to sip infused in a cup of boiling water if you've indulged a little too much the night before. 

Keep your pot in a sunny position and don’t overwater, think sun-baked hillsides in the Mediterranean. This is the classic Rosemary, with delicate pale blue flowers starting in spring and popping up again throughout the warm months.

Single herb plant in a 15cm Italian terracotta pot, with a matching saucer. Planted in a peat-reduced compost mix with added perlite for extra drainage.