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Oregano 'Hot & Spicy'

Oregano 'Hot & Spicy'

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Origanum vulgare 'Hot and Spicy'

Attractive oregano providing a variety of uses in cooking, with a super-strong spicy flavour. Great in stews or barbeques.

Grow in a sunny position, prune back hard after flowering, or in late summer. Do not over water. A variety of uses in cooking, this one has a rather hot & spicy flavour as the name suggests! 

All herbs are planted in a peat reduced compost mix with added perlite for extra drainage. 

Choose whether you receive your herb planted up in an Italian terracotta pot, with a matching saucer - or if you already have a pot in mind, keep it in its nursery pot. (If you'd like it delivered in a compostable POSIpot instead of the plastic nursery pot, let us know!)