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Fresh Salad Bowl Planter

Fresh Salad Bowl Planter

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Containing French Parsley, Garlic Chives and Berries and Cream Mint
Petroselinum crispum 'French', Allium tuberosum, Mentha 'Berries and Cream'. 

A perfect kitchen garden planter with plenty of fresh herbs to chop straight into salads or light tasting dishes. What can be better than growing and eating your own herbs! The garlic chives have edible flowers and this mint is lovely and fruity to add something a little different to your meals and drinks.

Grow in a sunny or partially shady position. Trim and tidy the leaves as necessary. Keep soil ever so slightly moist to retain a supply of fresh herbs. 

Herb plants in a 19cm Italian terracotta ribbed bowl with matching saucer. Planted in a peat-reduced compost mix with added perlite for extra drainage.