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Curled parsley

Curled parsley

Petroselinum crispum

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A well known and loved culinary herb. This one has tightly curled leaves which look great in your herb garden or on your plate. A sprinkle of freshly harvested leaves livens up many dishes, try it in tabouleh, in salads, sauces and with potatoes. Chewing a few fresh leaves really does help to freshen your breath too.  

Best grown in rich, moist soil, in sun or partial shade. 

All herbs are planted in a peat reduced compost mix with added perlite for extra drainage. 

Choose whether you receive your herb planted up in an Italian terracotta pot, with a matching saucer - or if you already have a pot in mind, keep it in its nursery pot. 


Growing details

Sunny or partially shady.

Rich and moist

Fertilise during the growing season to boost growth and water well in hot weather.Remove flower heads as they appear to prolong growth.

Up to 60cm high / Indefinite spread

Cooking - Use as a garnish for a wide range of dishes! Make into a tabbouleh, salsa verde or gremolata.