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Bronze Fennel nursery pot

Bronze Fennel nursery pot

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Foeniculum vulgare

Use the feathery fronds of fennel in salads and many dishes for an aniseed kick. Eat the seeds fresh, mix them in salads or make into a soothing tea. They can also be dried and used in a similar way. Fennel attracts hoverflies which we love as they munch on aphids. Use a stalk of fennel in a face steam for a deep skin cleanse. 

Best grown outdoors, this hardy perennial plant is stronger than it looks. Grow in a sunny position, and cut back old growth. Do not grow near dill or coriander. 

Single herb plant in a 10cm nursery pot, ready for planting in your desired planter or spot. If you'd like it delivered in a compostable POSIpot, free of charge, please let us know!