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What we do

Superb Herbs was set up by Violet, a gardener and herb enthusiast. After completing a degree in Fine Art and pursuing a career in communications for the architecture sector, Violet found herself falling in love with plants after tackling a neglected garden at her new rental flat which was filled with waist high stinging nettles! 
Wanting to learn more, Violet studied for a RHS Diploma in Principles in Horticulture Level 2. Learning more about the wonderful world of plants fuelled her desire to pass on her enthusiasm and knowledge to others.

Violet at a Market

Why herbs?

Herbs are a versatile group of plants, with a wide variety of uses, from medicinal to culinary; cosmetic to household. They are embedded in our history and have many stories to tell. With increasing numbers of us living in urban areas, it’s quite often easy to feel disconnected from nature. By offering customers a little slice of something green and purposeful, we can alleviate some pressures of urban living.

If you plan to start using herbs medicinally and are unsure about anything it's wise to seek advice from a professional. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a prescribed health condition, please discuss with your doctor before taking anything new. 

Lavender Sage and a bee
Our thoughtful and purposeful greenery transforms indoor or outdoor spaces

Planting on an inner-city balcony for a busy design studio:

We installed pollinator friendly planters on a south-facing balcony, providing a calming place for employees to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Planting features perennial herbs which will provide delicate scents and interesting textures. Mixed with grasses for height and movement. Concentrating on calming shades of grey, blue, purple and (of course) green.

Bee Friendly Balcony Garden Bee Friendly Balcony Garden

Indoor jungle for office breakout space:

We created a foliage rich window frame, with palms and herbs for scent and culinary use. Herbs for harvesting include Rosemary, Lemon Balm and Vietnamese Coriander

Indoor Planting Design by Superb Herbs

Let's get the ball rolling with an initial chat to discuss your needs. We provide a full service from concept to installation and aftercare.

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