Remember Rosemary



Rosmarinus translates as ‘rose of the sea’ when you break the name down and think about it, things start to become clear. This particular variety pictured above from the Prostratus Group was growing rampantly over windbreaks by the sea in Devon. It acted as coverage over the rather brutal wind barrier, giving off an incredible smell, the flowers providing fantastic fodder for hungry bees.

Rosemary requires warm, well drained sites, (think Mediterranean hillsides) and makes a happy companion to Sage in a container. The scented oils in the leaves are developed to protect the leaf tissues from extremes of heat.

Interestingly, studies show that Rosemary can enhance cognitive performance such as memory capabilities. Can crushing a few of the deliciously scented leaves and taking a whiff really help? A study at Northumbria University, Newcastle in 2016 found that those who had been in the rosemary scented room displayed significantly enhanced prospective memory, with test scores 15% higher than those who had been in the room with no aroma.

Rosemary is recognised for its superior powers in the works of literary greats such as Shakespeare. It has many beauty benefits containing astringent, purifying and anti-ageing properties. One simple home treatment can be to steam your face in a rosemary and water solution. The next morning use the concoction as a re-balancing scalp rinse after shampooing.

Rosemaries such as our Creeping Rosemary will (eventually!) provide an effect like the one pictured above.

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