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Remember Rosemary



Rosemary is a low maintenance herb, with many benefits to us. It requires a warm, well drained place to grow, (think Mediterranean hillsides) and will generally thrive on neglect. Once its established in a super sunny area, it will grow away happily for years on end. Providing you with masses of aromatic leaves, to use in everything from cooking to cosmetics. The scented oils in the leaves that may make us think of roast potatoes, are actually developed to protect the leaf tissues from extremes of heat. An interesting adaptation demonstrating this herb's prowess.

Studies show that rosemary can enhance cognitive performance such as memory capabilities for us humans. Can crushing a few of the deliciously scented leaves and taking a whiff really help? A study at Northumbria University, Newcastle in 2016 found that those who had been in the rosemary scented room displayed significantly enhanced prospective memory, with test scores 15% higher than those who had been in the room with no aroma.

Rosemary is recognised for its superior powers in the works of literary greats such as Shakespeare. It has many beauty benefits containing astringent, purifying and anti-ageing properties. One simple home treatment is to steam your face in a rosemary and boiling water solution. The next morning use the cooled concoction as a re-balancing scalp rinse after shampooing. It is also great in a boosting herbal tea as it helps to stimulate blood flow, helping you to feel revived and fresh. 

Our favorite variety  is Foxtail Rosemary, which has attractive semi-trailing branches, reminiscent of a foxes tail. You can get your hands on your own Rosemary pot, for your sunny spot here

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